Nano-Enhanced Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Our Purple Duck Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil is the industry-leading phospholipid encapsulation system, providing rapid uptake and unparalleled bioavailability. You will get much more out of our product with fewer drops. Our Nano-enhanced CBD can be absorbed into your body’s system at a rate close to 100%.

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  • After a horrific auto accident in my 20’s, I began a journey to rebuild myself stronger than before, both mentally and physically. My journey led me to a full spectrum cannabinoid oil that can be found in certain strains of hemp. Since I have been implementing the full spectrum oil into my life along with a clean and healthy lifestyle, the benefits are hard to deny. Since then I have gone beyond all my expectations I had for myself, pushing harder in training sessions, recovering faster, sleeping better and living a life with a lot less physical pain.

  • I have had migraines and chronic lower back pain since my early 20’s. I’ve always been very active from riding dirt bikes, playing baseball and weight training, to golfing and racketball. So this pain created a big problem for me and started to affect my mental state. I quickly became depressed because I could no longer do any of these activities I loved without paying for it for the next week. I tried a bunch of prescriptions and nothing worked without making me nauseous. When I heard about cbd I figured it would probably not even touch any of my problems, but why not try it. I have been pain-free, have great blood pressure, better skin and have experienced several other amazing effects from the Purple Duck tinctures.

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