About Us

About Us

Dedicated to providing you plant based holistic healing, Purple Duck is committed to quality. Cannabidiol (CBD) plus natural vitamins, amino acids, protein, fiber and more that work together to maximize effects!

  • Our products are all natural, lab tested for purity, herbicide and pesticide free, and with 0 additives or preservatives

Purple Duck Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil is the industry-leading phospholipid encapsulation system, providing rapid uptake and unparalleled bioavailability. Meaning it will move through the body with much more speed and ease. You will get much more out of our product with less drops. Nano-enhanced CBD can be absorbed into your bodies system at a rate close to 100%.


At purple Duck our goal is to help as many people and pets as we can through educating and providing superior full-spectrum hemp products. Whether you are an athlete pushing your limits, a mother or father building their family or someone who just wants a healthier happy lifestyle, we have a product for you.

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