Determining How Much CBD Oil to Take

Determining How Much CBD Oil to Take

Finding the right amount of CBD oil to take could require some trial and error. With so many different uses and products available, deciding how much CBD oil to take can be a challenge. Following these steps can help you find your unique serving size to get the benefits you’re looking for.

Know Why You’re Using it

The uses for CBD oil are far and wide and the effects continue to be positive! Understanding what you want to get out of it can help you determine how much CBD oil to take and what method of consumption to choose. While no medical claims can be made about CBD oil to improve certain conditions, plenty of studies have been conducted to show a strong connection. Doing some research on your own can help you determine if CBD is right for you!

Choose a Product

After you determine what you’d like to try CBD oil for, you will have a range of products to choose from in different concentrates, volumes, and methods of dispensing. The product that is best for you will depend on what you’d like to use it for, your habits, and your personal preference. If you want to experience the benefits of CBD right away, you might choose a CBD vape oil product. In this method, CBD bypasses the liver and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This could be helpful if you think CBD oil could help you to promote relaxation or reduce anxiety in certain unexpected situations. For more than just the benefits of CBD, you might choose an infused edible. Edibles not only contain doses of CBD but vitamins and caffeine for an added energy boost! If you’re interested in making CBD part of your daily wellness routine, you can choose a CBD oil supplement in an easy to swallow CBD pill.

Follow Recommendations

When it comes to how much CBD oil to take, we suggest following the recommended serving size on the product you choose. Take the recommended serving size for about a week to give your body time to understand what to do with it, and make a note of how you’re feeling. If you still aren’t getting the effects you want after a week, you might double your intake or try a higher concentrated product. If you choose Purple Duck Softgels, we recommend 1-2 softgels a day. Taking one in the morning and one at night seems to be most effective. For edibles, we recommend one in the morning. If you choose a tincture, start by taking 15 drops, once or twice a day.

Experiment with Serving Size

No negative side effects to taking CBD oil have been reported, making it safe to experiment with how much CBD oil to take. CBD does not cause any intoxicating or psychoactive effects, instead, it can promote wellbeing to improve your daily life and health!

To learn more about how much CBD oil to take, contact Purple Duck today.

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