Flavored CBD Oil

Flavored CBD Oil

In its raw form, CBD oil has a thick consistency with an unpleasant taste. While many choose raw CBD oil for its potency, others can’t stand its earthy flavor. For those individuals, Purple Duck offers flavored CBD oil to give you the same benefits with a taste you’ll enjoy.

How is Flavored CBD Oil Manufactured?

At Purple Duck, we value all-natural ingredients to give you a product that’s pure and healthy. Flavored CBD oil is no different. Our hemp oil is sourced from hemp plants grown in Europe and legal to sell and purchase in the United States. To flavor our products, MCT (coconut oil), grapeseed oil, terpenes, and other organic flavors are added to the raw hemp to provide a variety of different flavors to choose from.

Flavored CBD Oil Products

At Purple Duck, we offer flavored CBD oil tincture extracts in many different brands and flavors. Tincture extracts are liquid supplements that come in an easy-to-dispense dropper bottle. Our tinctures come in Cinnamon, Lime, Mango and Chocolate Mint to give you a minty fresh or sweet hint of flavor. Our tinctures come in a variety of potencies for you to try, making them great for first time users who are still experimenting with their serving size.

To dispense our flavored CBD oil tinctures, first shake the bottle well to mix the natural ingredients, then place about 15 drops under your tongue. This serving size is recommended, but not standard. Next, hold the drops under your tongue for about 60-90 seconds, allowing your body to absorb it before swallowing.

What Can CBD Oil do for You?

CBD oil has no psychoactive properties but many wellness benefits. Although we are not doctors and cannot make any medical claims about what CBD oil might treat, we encourage you to research the benefits and see if CBD oil would be right for you! By opting for flavored CBD oil products, you can start out with a less potent product to see how you like it. You can keep taking flavored CBD oil products for as long as you’d like, or test out one of our other products.

For more information on our flavored CBD oil products, contact us today at (810) 429-6598.

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