How to Use Wholesale Dropshipping

How to Use Wholesale Dropshipping

At Purple Duck, we want to make starting your hemp retail business as easy as possible, so we offer the services to do so! Buying wholesale CBD products from a trusted business with reputable products is a smart business move, but finding and paying for storage space can be a hassle. When you partner with Purple Duck, you can enjoy our wholesale products and let us handle storage and shipping!

What is Dropshipping?

Normally when you purchase wholesale, you receive a large quantity of products and are left to store, sell, package, and ship the product to your customers. When you purchase wholesale from us and choose to use our drop shipping services, we’ll continue to assist you and your business by storing your product here at our secure facility, and shipping it to your customer as the orders come in. Focus your time and energy on developing a successful business and let us take care of the shipping.

Setting up Wholesale Dropshipping

To get started using wholesale drop shipping, we just need to know a little about you and the business you’ve started. Your first step is to fill out an inquiry form showing your interest in a partnership with us. Once we’ve received and reviewed your form we will get back to you to get to know you better and answer any questions you still have about our wholesale drop shipping service. We will then send you a catalog so you can check out the products available for you to start selling, along with a wholesale agreement form. Once the agreement form has been signed, we can proceed with creating your drop shipping account so you can get started!

Wholesale Dropshipping Process

Once you have your drop shipping account set up, you’ll be ready to get selling! Since the products will be staying at our facility, we will provide you images to use when listing, however, you are in charge of your own unique product description. You can use our description for reference, but we ask that you make yours unique to your brand to help with your search engine rating. When you sell a product, you will have a few options on how you want us to receive it. Orders can be sent manually or automatically through your online portal. You will be charged for the order, then in one to two business days, the order will be shipped to your customer. You will then be able to track orders on your portal to see where they’re at.

Using wholesale drop shipping is easy and can be very beneficial to your hemp retain business. If you have any questions regarding how to use our wholesale drop shipping services, contact Purple Duck today!

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